1. Shrimps cooked in tomatoes, julienne vegetables, garlic croutons 43,00
2. Spinach with porcini mushrooms sauté baked under Mozzarella cheese 37,00
3. Carpaccio with lightly smoked duck breast, fresh salad leaves, balsamic dressing, freshly grated Parmesan 39,00
4. Beef tartar, egg yolk, gherkin, wholemeal bread crisps, pickled mushrooms 41,00





1. Old-Polish sour soup on natural sourdough, white sausage, bacon, egg, purée, porcini mushrooms 20,00
2. Spicy fish soup, julienne vegetables, pelatti tomatoes 21,00
3. Red beet soup with meat dumplings 19,00


1. ‘Chateaubriand' – slices of grilled beef tenderloin, fried potatoes, grilled vegetables  84,00 zł
2. Roasted half duck with apples and marjoram, braised red cabbage, Silesian dumplings, cranberry sauce   61,00 zł


1. Baked Alaska drizzled with advocaat, fruits  24,00 zł
2. ‘Fondant’ dessert – hot chocolate muffin, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce  25,00 zł                                           
3. Vanilla ice cream served with hot cherries  24,00 zł
4. Apple pie – apple cake served hot, vanilla ice-cream, anglaise sauce 25,00 zł




1. Roasted beetroot, rocket,arugula, pomegranate, roast honey walnuts 41,00
2. Cheeseboard (for 2 per.), grapes, nuts, crackers, olives 48,00


1. Porcini risotto, duck confit, Parmesan, butter 42,00
2. Grilled salmon, linguine, shrimps, tomato purée 49,00


1. Fresh salad leaves, chives crème fraiche, cold smoked salmon, oil 35,00 zł
2. Caesar Salad – lettuces, anchovies, egg, garlic toast, chicken 35,00 zł
3. Caesar Salad – lettuces, anchovies, egg, garlic toast, shrimps 41,00 zł


1. Pumpkin cream, coconut milk, ginger, chips, roast sesame 24,00
2. Crayfish soup, grilled halibut, julienne vegetables, olive oil 28,00
3. Soup of dried porcini, noodles, crème fraiche 23,00 


1. Tagliatelle verde, roasted pine nuts, basil pesto, fresh rocket (vege) 36,00
2. Goose dumplings, glazed beetroots, marjoram sauce 41,00
3. Papardelle carbonara, bacon crisps, fresh Parmesan, poached egg 36,00


1. Slow-cooked wild boar cheeks, buckwheat,parsnip purée, natural sauce, fried beetroots 61,00
2. Fillet of guinea fowl toasted on clarified butter, carrots, potatoes, celery purée 71,00
3. Cabbage leaves stuffed with veal, carrot purée, demi glace sauce, potatoes, glazed vegetables 55,00
4. Roast goose leg,stewed red cabbage, dumplings,dumplings, red cabbage purée, red wine sauce 65,00



1. White halibut, creamy spinach, mussels, grapefruit 69,00
2. Sautéed pikeperch,beluga lentils, crayfish sauce, crayfish tails, glazed ratatouille vegetables 67,00
3. Sautéed fillet of cod, potato fries, fresh lettuces with balsamic dressing 55,00


1. Almond tart with raspberries served warm with vanilla ice-cream 24,00
2. Crêpes Suzette – flambé pancakes with orange liqueur, vanilla ice cream, orange supremes 25,00
3. Cheesecake with mascarpone on a fibre top with rhubarb sous vide and lemon sorbet,
peppermint soil, raspberries, oat crisps 25,00
4. Caramelised pear with white chocolate mousse, lemon sherbet, meringue and oat cookie 23,00
5. White chocolate mousse with maracuja, orange jam with red pepper and liqueur 24,00


1. Broth with homemade noodles 15,00 zł 
2. Spaghetti Bolognese 34,00 zł
3. Spaghetti with Neapolitana sauce of fresh tomatoes 30,00 zł
4. Chicken fillet served with fries and cucumber salad 39,00 zł
5. Crêpes with cottage cheese and fruits 25,00 zł
6. Pancakes with fruit and syrup 28,00 zł   

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