1. Cheeseboard (for 2 per.), grapes, nuts, crackers, olives 44,00 zł
2. Slightly tea-smoked duck breast carpaccio, lettuces, balsamico dressing, parmesan 38,00 zł
3. Classic beef tartare, pickles, egg yolk, wholemeal bread chips 39,00 zł


1. Fried sea bass fillet, ratatouille vegetables, provencal sauce 39,00 zł
2. Shrimpes stewed in tomatoes, julienne vegetables, crispy garlic toast 41,00 zł
3. Spinach with wild musghrooms saute baked under mozarella cheese 35,00 zł



1. Fresh spinach, cold-smoked salmon (Neptune's Castle) with a poche egg, yoghurt sauce with chives 42,00 zł
2. Fresh lettuces with pear, moulded cheese, lime and nut dressing 35,00 zł
3. Caesar Sald - Romaine and iceberg lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, garlic croutons, eggs, chicken or shrimps 32,00 zł / 39,00 zł


1. Old- Polish sour soup on natural sourdough, white sausage, bacon, poche egg 18,00 zł
2. Spicy fish soup, julienne vegetables, pike perch, pelatti tomatoes 19,00 zł
3. Pampkin cream with coconut milk and orange 19,00 zł             
4. Wild mushroom soup with tiny dumplings and creme fraiche 19,00 zł

5. Beet soup with meat-stuffed dumplings         19,00 zł


1. Veel-filled dumplings, glazed vegetables, shallot puree 39,00 zł
2. Pappardelle pasta, stir fry vegetables in oyster  and tomato sauce, shrimps 41,00 zł
3. Potato dumplings, mushrooms sauce and fried duck fillet 39,00 zł


1. Tagliatelle pasta with roasted beetroot pesto, roasted pine nuts, goat cheese, arugula 39,00 zł   
2. Mushrooms risotto, mascarpone, parmesan 41,00 zł  


1. Roast half a duck with apples, stewed red cabbage, Silesian dumplings, dark port sauce

 59,00 zł
2. ”Chateaubriand”– grilled slices of beef tenderloin, truffle and porcini sauce, 

fried potatoes, glazed green beans 79,00 zł
3. Guinea fowl fillet roasted on clarified butter, carrots and potatoes, celery puree

 65,00 zł 
4. Roasted corn chicken fillet served on vegetables, confit  potatoes 49,00 zł
5. Sous vide pork tenderloin in bacon, baked young vegetables,

fried potato dumplings and chanterelle sauce

 55,00 zł
6. Cabbage stuffed with goose meat, carrot puree, demi glace sauce, boiled potatoes 48,00 zł
7. Long-stewed wild boar knuckle, pearl barley, roasted beetroot purée 

with dijon mustard, glazed vegetables 68,00 zł


1. Grilled salmon fillet, sweet potato puree, glazed vegetables, demi glace sauce 59,00 zł
2. Sautéed turbot, tomato salsa, roasted potatoes 59,00 zł
3. Sautéed zander, black beluga lentils with tomato purée, roasted red pepper sauce 61,00 zł

4. Sautéed cod fillet, French fries of new potatoes, lettuce blend with balsamic dressing 51,00 zł 


1. Green leaf salad with choice of honey–mustard or balsamico dressing 14,00 zł
2. Green leaf salad with balsamico dressing 15,00 zł
3. Tomato, basil  and marinated onion salad 13,00 zł 
4. Pan–fried dumplings 12,00 zł
5. Silesian dumplings 12,00 zł
6. French fries 10,00 zł
7. Stewed red cabbage 10,00 zł



1. "Fondant"– chocolate cupcake served hot, vanilla ice-cream, raspberry sauce 25,00 zł
2. Baked Alaska drizzled with advocaat, fruits 24,00 zł
3. Vanilla ice-cream in hot cherries 23,00 zł  
4. Apple pie – apple cake served hot, vanilla ice-cream, anglaise sauce 25,00 zł 
5. Coffee crème brûlée with black currant and vanilla ice cream 24,00 zł
6. Almond tart with raspberries, vanilla ice-cream, served hot 24,00 zł   
7. Crêpes Suzette – flambé pancakes with orange liqueur, vanilla ice-cream, orange fillets

 24,00 zł
8. Malibu mousse with truffle, chocolate glaçage, fried blueberry with chocolate ice cream 25,00 zł                                                                                       
9. Pear caramelised with brandy,  served with white chocolate, lemon sherbet, small meringues and oatmeal cookie 23,00 zł                                                                    



1. Tomato soup with noodles 14,00 zł 
2. Traditional chicken broth with home made pasta 14,00 zł
3. Spaghetti Bolognese 31,00 zł
4. Spaghetti Neapolitana (fresh tomato sauce) 26,00 zł
5. Braised veal in creamy sauce, served with young potatoes and glazed carrots 40,00 zł
6. Grilled chicken fillet served with cucumber salad and potato puree 36,00 zł   
7. Pancakes with sweet cottage cheese and fruit 23,00 zł 

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