1. Shrimps cooked in tomatoes, julienne vegetables, garlic croutons 44,00
2. Spinach with porcini mushrooms sauté baked under Mozzarella cheese 38,00
3. Carpaccio with lightly smoked duck breast, fresh salad leaves, balsamic dressing, freshly grated Parmesan 39,00
4. Beef tartar, egg yolk, gherkin, wholemeal bread crisps, pickled mushrooms 41,00





1. Old-Polish sour soup on natural sourdough, white sausage, bacon, egg, purée, porcini mushrooms 21,00
2. Spicy fish soup, julienne vegetables, pelatti tomatoes 23,00 


1. Roasted half duck with apples and marjoram, braised red cabbage,
    Silesian dumplings, demi glace with cranberry   63,00 zł
2. Sautéed fillet of cod, potato fries, fresh lettuces with balsamic dressing  56,00 zł


1. Baked Alaska drizzled with advocaat, fruits  25,00 zł
2. ‘Fondant’ dessert – hot chocolate muffin, vanilla ice cream, raspberry sauce  25,00 zł                                           
3. Vanilla ice cream served with hot cherries  24,00 zł
4. Apple pie – apple cake served hot, vanilla ice-cream, anglaise sauce 25,00 zł




1. Cheeseboard (for 2 per.), grapes, nuts, crackers, olives  65,00 zł


1. Caesar Salad – lettuces, anchovies, egg, garlic toast, chicken  38,00 zł

2. Caesar Salad – lettuces, anchovies, egg, garlic toast, shrimps  42,00 zł

3. Roasted vegetable salad, feta cheese, raspberry tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil  36,00 zł


1. Sweet potato cream, lemon grass, shrimp shashlik   26,00 zł

2. Crayfish soup, grilled halibut, julienne vegetables, olive oil   29,00 zł

3. Creamy wild mushroom soup   24,00 zł


1. Tagliatelle verde, roasted pine nuts, basil pesto, fresh rocket (vege)  38,00 zł

2. Duck dumplings, young carrots, marjoram sauce  42,00 zł


1. Beluga lentils, brunoise vegetables, tomato purée, butter, parmesan cheese   41,00 zł

2. Sweet potato cream, lemon grass, shrimp shashlik   26,00 zł


1. Slow-cooked wild boar cheeks, buckwheat, beetroot  purée, natural sauce, fried beetroots  69,00 zł

2. Corn chicken, young potatoes with dill, celery purée, glazed vegetables  58,00 zł

3. Stuffed cabbage rolls with veal, carrot purée, demi glace sauce, new potatoes, asparagus  56,00 zł

4. Chateaubriand sirloin, truffle butter, green asparagus, parmeasan chips, chanterelle demi glace   92,00 zł


1. White halibut, creamy spinach, purée, mussels, poche egg  71,00 zł

2. Sautéed pikeperch, roasted pepper sauce, bulgur, brunoise vegetables  69,00 zł

3. Perch fillet, ratatouille, tomato purée  64,00 zł


1. Mix of salad leaves, honey and mustard dressing 17,00 zł
2. Tomato salad15,00 zł
3. Golden pan-fried gnocchi 14,00 zł 
4. Silesian dumplings 14,00 zł
5. Fresh potato fries 12,00 zł
6. Braised red cabbage 12,00 zł
7. Fried beetroots 12,00 zł


1. Almond tart with raspberries served warm with vanilla ice-cream  24,00 zł

2. Crêpes Suzette – flambé pancakes with orange liqueur, vanilla ice cream, orange supremes  25,00 zł

3. Passion fruit mousse with fresh strawberry salad  25,00 zł


1. Broth with homemade noodles 15,00 zł 
2. Spaghetti Bolognese 34,00 zł
3. Spaghetti with Neapolitana sauce of fresh tomatoes 30,00 zł
4. Chicken fillet served with fries and cucumber salad 39,00 zł
5. Crêpes with cottage cheese and fruits 25,00 zł

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